News: Moving On Appeal 2022

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘there’s no place like home’, it’s often quoted in films and you may have this feeling when you’re tucked up in bed after a long day. You might be at home reading this. But what happens when you don’t have a home?

When you’re left with nowhere to turn, forced onto the streets, and bedded down in a doorway or park bench, The Connection is there. The Connection helps people find their way, to establish what they need to thrive and get their independence back.

The journey away from the streets isn’t easy and it takes time. The end result is often a flat or a place to call home but often these come empty, unfurnished and in need of provision. We’re asking you to support our Moving On Appeal this Spring in order to provide ‘move on kits’ to help people make their house a home, and a place where they can support themselves. For some this may be the ability to buy a kettle, or some soft furnishings, or for others the ability to purchase their ID in order to apply for a job.

By donating towards our Moving On Appeal, you’ll not just be giving someone an essential item for their flat, you’ll be allowing The Connection to respond to the needs of each individual and help them take the next step on their journey and build a home.

£30 could provide a phone with credit in order to keep someone connected when they’re in their new place.
£50 could enable someone to buy their ID in order for them to move forwards.
£100 could cover the cost of items to make a house a home, such as bedding and kitchen utensils.
£150 could buy a tablet or laptop to enable someone to stay online from their new home.
£200 could provide a phone and credit for up to 10 people to keep them connected.

You can donate to the Appeal via our Just Giving page.