News: The work of the Connection has never been more important

More than a month into lockdown and the Connection continues to support its clients. Supported accommodation has been secured. Mobile phones have been issued to enable the Connection to stay in touch. Food deliveries are made to clients across different sites, ensuring they have what they need to see them through. They are prioritising getting essentials to clients on an urgent basis. Its staff are working very hard to ensure that people experiencing homelessness continue to get the support that they need. There is a positive impact on clients

Now I feel OK. I feel a lot less worried about things. You know, cos when you’re out there you’re not getting the information you need, there’s nobody checking on you. Now we’ve got nurses, who are trying to get the tablets back for my heart and I’m just a lot better in myself.

The Connection have the best team ever because they helped me so much with all my problems – the staff are so fantastic and everybody’s been so helpful. Before I came to The Connection I’d been on the streets for a year. It’s not easy to go from that to being self-isolated but thank you for putting us in accommodation, it’s been a big help!

In the street, it’s not only that you can catch the virus, but maybe other people can hurt you. In a safe place like a hotel I feel very, very safe and so happy to be here because not all people have this chance… I know there are some people that aren’t this lucky, they are still in the street.