Spreading Friend-ship

As the Friends of the Connection continues to expand its reach, both online and in practice, we’ve decided to clarify what we offer to those who become Friends. We need your help to spread the word to anybody you think might like to know more about what we do, as this will enable us to increase our membership and further support the fantastic work of The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Four Good Reasons to be a Friend of The Connection

Homelessness is on the increase. By joining us Friends make a commitment to supporting London’s busiest homelessness charity, offering support and advice to rough sleepers with the aim of helping them away from the streets. This is more than a one off donation. It is offering continuing support.

Knowledge and Understanding
We can inform Friends further on the issue of homelessness and its complex causes. Friends can learn how the Connection works, what it costs and why fundraising is so important in the absence of serious government support. They will also have the opportunity to hear the Connection’s staff talk about their experience, their work and what a difference it makes. Friends can come to the Connection and see how it functions.

Help Directly
We encourage Friends to contact Streetlink (www.streetlink.org.uk) if they see homeless people, which enables local services to get in touch with them and offer them the help they need. Friends can also fundraise locally – we can help with materials and ideas – and campaign about the challenge of homelessness. Friends will be able to talk knowledgeably to their friends about the issues and spread understanding and concern, encouraging them to join us. We offer the annual Guy Mason Award for a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the Friends.

Meet Like-Minded People
We hold regular events for Friends, including talks, concerts and carol singing at Christmas. Some of these are fundraising events but all bring together likeminded people who share the same concerns. Once a year we hold Friends’ Day at the Connection to review our work and that of the Connection itself. Join us!