Event: Service to remember those who have died homeless – Thursday 14 November at 11am

According to the Office for National Statistics, 726 homeless people died in England and Wales in 2018. An estimated 148 homeless people died in London and of these, Westminster Council recorded 17 deaths.

During remembrance week there will be a service to commemorate those whose lives have been shortened by homelessness in London. It will remember those who have died on the streets, in hostels and shelters, as well as those who managed to move on to more settled lives but who still relied on homelessness services.

The service will be held at 11am on Thursday 14 November 2019 and is organised by The Connection at St Martin’s, St Martin-in-the-Fields and Housing Justice. As in previous years, Streetwise Opera and the Choir with No Name are involved. The Revd Lucy Winkett will preach on the text “Lord you search me out and know me” from Psalm 139. The name of each person who has died will be read out during the service.

All are welcome to attend.