Event: Someone’s Daughter Someone’s Son

When was the last time you walked past a homeless person on the street, looked away, felt bad and guilty but did nothing? We think to ourselves “what can I do”? Most of us would like to do something but don’t. Here is a chance to do something.

A new, intensely personal and optimistic film from award-winning director Lorna Tucker – Westwood:Punk, Icon, Activist; Call Me Kate – delves in the causes of rough sleeping and shows how to stop it. The film includes an interview with Connection at St Martin’s CEO, Pam Orchard, who appears in this short trailer Someone’s Daughter Someone’s Son

By supporting the film’s distribution you can help it become the rallying point for a campaign to get the policies we need to end homelessness once and for all. You can do this Someone’s Daughter Someone’s Son Crowdfunder

Lorna Tucker used to live on the streets of London so she brings a unique perspective to her film. Earl Charlton slept rough for 20 years and was a drug addict; today he is clean and is a support worker in Tyneside helping to keep people off the streets. He is the main character in Lorna’s film – Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son.