News: Friends Day AGM 2019 Documents

As part of our ongoing effort to make the charity more accessible, particularly online, please find below ahead of the AGM on Friends Day Saturday 29th of June the following documents.

The Agenda
Annual General Meeting Minutes 2018
Trustees Report 2018- 19
Trustee Elections
Trustee Election Record
Constitution Amendments
FOTC Constitution

If you click on the highlighted link, below the documents will download on to your computer/device for you to read. Copies of the documents will be available at the AGM.

0. Agenda, 29.6.19

2. Annual General Meeting Minutes 2018

4a. Trustees Report 2018-19 Final

5a. Trustee Elections

5b. Trustee Election Record

6a. Constitution Amendments

6b. FOTC Constitution (Final Draft for FD^J 8.6.19)